Lower School

Lower School

Christ the Word Catholic School is an English medium faith school which warmly embraces all opportunities to develop skills in the Welsh Language.

Within the Lower School (ages 3 to 11) English is the main teaching medium. Welsh is taught as a second language from ages 3 to 11, and aspects of some subjects may be taught in Welsh.

Welsh is used as a language of communication with and between the learners in formal and informal situations, improving their capacity to use everyday Welsh.

The school welcomes learners with a range of languages and we seek to communicate with parents and carers either in English or in the language of choice.

A varied and vibrant curriculum will meet all the essential requirements, including the personal and social development of pupils. The school will develop the Successful Futures curriculum due to be introduced in schools from September 2022.

Our year 6 learners will start to study Spanish.

Who are the Criw Cymraeg? 

The Criw Cymraeg are a group of learners from age 7 to 11, who work to encourage and develop the use of Welsh in and around the school.

We are working towards … 

We are aiming to achieve the Bronze Cymraeg Campus award this year, a Welsh Government award scheme to encourage the use of Welsh in English-medium schools.  There are ten targets which we are aiming to fulfil.  

Targed 1: Establishing a visual Welsh ethos 

Targed 2: The Advantages of Learning Welsh 

Targed 3: The use of incidental Welsh in the classroom 

Targed 4: The use of incidental Welsh outside of the classroom 

Targed 5: Welsh in Assemblies 

Targed 6: Apps and websites to enhance learning and enjoyment 

Targed 7: Enrichment activities 

Targed 8: Developing reading 

Targed 9: Welsh across the curriculum 

Targed 10: A positive attitude