Home Learning

Home Learning

Home Learning is an important part of the school curriculum.

Tasks are set according to the student’s ability and the subject scheme of work. Learners record the tasks in their Learner Planner. Parents and carers are asked to sign the Planner every week. Tutors will monitor and sign the Planner.

Learners are expected to meet the timescale for completing tasks. We strongly encourage the active support of parents and carers in supporting learning at home.

Learning at home helps learners to develop their skills and become independent in their learning, withhas a positive impact on their progress and achievement.

We have a homework timetable to attempt to balance the amount of work a student has each night.

KS3 Home Learning KS3 Home Learning CTWCS

KS4 Home Learning KS4 Home Learning CTWCS

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Make sure that there is a space at home where your child can enjoy learning.
    Establish a routine so that there is a regular time to spend on home learning
  2. Talk to your child about home learning and what they are focussing on.
  3. Be supportive and at the same time let them think for themselves and learn from their own mistakes
  4. Motivate and encourage
  5. Praise their efforts
  6. Let the teacher know if there are any concerns.