Safeguarding – Diogelu

Safeguarding – Diogelu

Christ the Word Catholic School is committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of everyone in school. All members of staff are responsible for the safety and protection of the learners and each other.

Our learners have a right to a supportive, caring and safe environment and to protection from all types of abuse. Our staff are vigilant for signs of any student in distress and are confident about applying the processes to avert and alleviate any such problems. Our Safeguarding Policy and procedures are in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students in our care. All staff (including supply staff, volunteers and governors) ensure that they are aware of these procedures.

Our Safeguarding Policy ensures that everyone will feel safe in our environment.

Any concerns regarding neglect or physical, emotional or sexual abuse are addressed in accordance with the All Wales Child Protection Procedures.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote welfare of all our young people and to protect them from harm. Safeguarding is about the unity and communication   between all organisations to ensure a person is safe.

Staff at Christ The Word agree that all learners have a right to feel safe, supported and empowered. Staff are all trained in safeguarding and attend regular  refresher training in all manners of safeguarding and child protection.

Who’s responsibility is it to safeguard?

It is the responsibility of all staff at Christ the Word to safeguard our learners, we also have a safeguarding team specifically trained to help support learners and staff with this.

Mrs Kirsty Taylor—Interim Designated  Safeguarding Lead

 Mrs Sophie Shute— Deputy Safeguarding Lead

 Mrs Lauretta Stewart—Safeguarding and Attendance Assistant

How do we safeguard our learners?

Ensure a happy, respectful school environment for staff and learners.

Conduct assemblies for our learners, raising awareness of safeguarding

Safeguarding posters around the school with the list of the members of key staff

All staff receiving appropriate training in safeguarding

All visitors are DBS checked before entering the school, visitors are signed in and out using our signing in system.

Register pupils in morning and afternoon registration.

Regular  sessions for learners from the school community policer officer PC Manus.

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy


Safeguarding for Parents leaflet

Safeguarding for Learners leaflet

Mental Health Leaflet

Useful links

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Only on occasions when we may be obliged to make a referral to the Education and Children’s Services Department who will decide on the next course of action. Due to the nature of the allegations it may not always be appropriate to discuss matters with parents/carers prior to making a referral. The responsibility for investigating allegations lies with Children’s Services and the Police.