Care and Wellbeing

"For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life."

Care and Wellbeing

Caring for learners of all ages is our priority at Christ the Word Catholic School.

Our aim is to support the Wellbeing of all learners, helping them to make positive choices and accept responsibility for their actions. We maintain a structured and supportive community in which effective learning takes place. We show respect for each other and our environment.

We firmly believe in promoting equal opportunities for all learners and staff. The Equality Plan outlines the school’s priorities in this respect.

The school’s pastoral team helps to build friendships and helps learners to be kind to others.

Relationships are built on respect for others.

Lower School (3 to 11) learners are in the care of their class teacher and teaching assistants. They are responsible for wellbeing, academic progress and personal development.

Upper School (11 to 16) learner’s first point of contact is their Tutor, supported by the Assistant Heads and Pastoral Support Team.
Learners support and care for one another.

The School team works closely with outside agencies who can support families as and when the need arises.

Assistant Head (Safeguarding). So however great or small a problem is, our pupils have a variety of teachers they can approach and problems can be dealt with at the appropriate level. Whatever an individual is doing academically or extra curricular, their progress is being monitored effectively.