Criw Cymraeg

Criw Cymraeg

We are working towards … 

We are aiming to achieve the Bronze Cymraeg Campus award this year, a Welsh Government award scheme to encourage the use of Welsh in English-medium schools.  There are ten targets which we are aiming to fulfil.  

Targed 1: Establishing a visual Welsh ethos 

Targed 2: The Advantages of Learning Welsh 

Targed 3: The use of incidental Welsh in the classroom 

Targed 4: The use of incidental Welsh outside of the classroom 

Targed 5: Welsh in Assemblies 

Targed 6: Apps and websites to enhance learning and enjoyment 

Targed 7: Enrichment activities 

Targed 8: Developing reading 

Targed 9: Welsh across the curriculum 

Targed 10: A positive attitude