Apply for Year 7 Sept. 2024

Apply for Year 7 Sept. 2024

If your child is currently in year 6, you can apply for a year 7 place below.

Children currently in Year 6 at Christ the Word Catholic school  have the right to transfer to Secondary Phase (Year 7) at the end of Year 6.  Parents of these children do not need to complete an application form for Year 7 at Christ the Word Catholic School. 

For children born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013, you can apply for a year 7 place from 5 September 2023 and the closing date is 6 November 2023.
If you’ve already applied, we’ll let you know the outcome by 1 March 2024.


Late applications are dealt with after the on-time submissions. Late applications will be considered together, regardless of date received, against the oversubscription criteria detailed in the Denbighshire Schools guide.

Gov.Wales school admissions guidance and services
Denbighshire County Council free school transport information

What happens to my information?
Christ the Word Catholic School collects your personal information to provide you with services relevant to your request. For further information about how we handle personal information, please view our privacy notice below.

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Please read these important notes and tick to confirm that you understand and agree before you complete this application for a school place:

♦ This application form can only be completed by the legal parent, carer or guardian of the child.

♦ Where there is shared parental responsibility, both parents should be in agreement about this application. It is the parents’ responsibility to come to this agreement.

♦ Please refer to Denbighshire County Council’s information relating to free school transport.

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